Spare Change


Invite donors to round up on their purchases and donate the change.

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Sign Up in Seconds. Seriously.

Donors sign up to give their spare change with three simple steps. We’ll track the transactions on the linked account and trigger a donation when the change accumulates to $5.

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Tools and Tracking at Your Fingertips

Manage donor data and track contributions from your CRM Dashboard. Connect a Stripe account to control your disbursement schedule and set up direct deposits. Spare change donors will receive automatic monthly gift statements.

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One Pledge, Everyday Impact

Our users donate an average of $20 per month in spare change, with a retention rate of over 90%. 100 spare change donors could raise $25,000 a year in micro-donations for your organization.

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Grow Your Gen X and Millennial Base

A lack of cash doesn’t stop this group from supporting causes they care about. Engage them with a novel ask that fits their budget and preference for longer-term involvement in creating social change.


Boost Generosity with Micro-Recurring Donations




Donors sign up in seconds with three simple steps.



Track contributions, generate a year-end statement and make one-time gifts with a tap.



Donors have the option of limiting their monthly contributions.



Donors choose their bank from over 9,600 financial institutions in the U.S and Canada.



User-permissioned transaction history is tracked via Plaid. Bank credentials are never accessed.



Like Facebook and Amazon, we use Stripe to securely process donations.



YOU’RE IN GOOD COMPANY | See spare change fundraising in action >


Spare Change. Big Impact.

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