Mission Update: Why We Switched to B2B


At the outset of Bstow, our mission was to democratize giving, making it seamless for anyone to give to any US charity. We launched an app that lets people round up on their purchases and donate the spare change to charity.

This has been a great tool to build recurring donors. So great that nonprofits, churches, and other organizations wanted their own version! We started white-labeling our mobile-responsive web apps and iOS apps, added more giving options (one-time and recurring), and added features for better donor engagement.

We’ve learned a few important things about the nonprofit industry that reinforced this pivot. It is a segmented market where ability to implement new technology can have high costs. Many of the newer solutions have not been built in a way to easily add on integrations as a platform. That is where Bstow differs. We can deliver technical solutions without much need for tech know-how from our clients.

We also noticed that many nonprofits and social good tech companies were building the exact same things over and over again, paying separate partners to build separate software — while many were trying to accomplish very similar goals. We felt confident that we could build a better platform and deliver it at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

We can provide the most value by powering nonprofit organizations’ missions. They can use our tools to tell their story, reach donors in a new way and build their community of next generation philanthropists.

By Jason Grad